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Sofitel So Mauritius: The Eco-Chic Luxury Resort in Mauritius

June 18, 2012, 1:45 amFiled under: Eco Travel > Eco Hotel & Resort > Eco Travel — Posted by Eco-Question Editor

Content by: Sofitel So Mauritius Bel Ombre – www.sofitel.com/sofitel-so-mauritius
Posted by: Eco-Question Editor
Source: Sofitel So Mauritius Bel Ombre – www.sofitel.com/sofitel-so-mauritius
Photo Credit: © Sofitel So Mauritius Bel Ombre – www.sofitel.com/sofitel-so-mauritius
Video Credit: © Sofitel So Mauritius Bel Ombre – www.sofitel.com/sofitel-so-mauritius
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In the heart of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius has preserved its natural treasures and offers an unforgettable experience at a cultural crossroads. A prime destination for scuba diving, the island is also a golfer’s paradise, with superb golf courses framed by purple mountains and overlooking the crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean. Colorful town markets are filled with traditional fabrics, marvelous works of local craftsmanship, and famous Mauritian hospitality.

On the south coast of Mauritius, Bel Ombre is a tranquil haven exemplifying the island’s natural character. Sophisticated and sincere, with brilliant green sugarcane fields, lengthy white beaches, and turquoise water offering striking panoramas.


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Villas & Suites

Sofitel So Mauritius: The Eco-Chic Luxury Resort in Mauritius © Sofitel So Mauritius Bel Ombre

Imagined by architect Lek Bunnag, the 92 suites and villas of Sofitel So Mauritius are intimately nestled within luxuriant Eden-like gardens. Dwell in a haven of comfort and purity radiantly bathed in light and surrounded by greenery.

Gently curving architectural lines outline inviting, naturally flowing spaces, seamlessly connecting indoors and out. Sober designs and noble materials are highlighted with colorful Kenzo TAKADA creations, specially conceived for Sofitel So Mauritius. Discover the incomparable tropical delight of outdoor bathtubs and showers.

Savor the tranquility of a private patio and indulge in the luxury of contemplation, drawing energy from the sight of flourishing vegetation and brilliant tropical flora. Wholly extraordinary quarters conceived to frame timeless experiences.

As the hotel is well-integrated into the nature, it is really important to keep their vegetation well maintained, so this is the reason why they have a gardener team present on-site every day.

Recycling is part of the daily routine of Sofitel So Mauritius.

In order to reduce the carbon print, when offering airport to hotel transfer options to their guests, So Mauritius Bel Ombre do communicate on how much is the CO2 emissions. They send the airport transfer options to guest before their arrival in order for them to take into consideration the carbon print and to try reducing it. Emissions of every option (ie: 325g/km CO2 emission for the luxury 4×4 of the hotel, 120g/km for the first category car rental) are mentioned so the guest can realize the impact and make his choice depending on the emission.


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The Privileged Environment

Sofitel So Mauritius: The Eco-Chic Luxury Resort in Mauritius © Sofitel So Mauritius Bel Ombre

The most beautiful landscapes of Mauritius are to be found in the southern part of the island near Sofitel So Mauritius, to the great delight of nature-lovers. Morne Brabant, a strange mountain in the shape of a sugar loaf, a protected Unesco World Heritage site, towers above the coastline. With its steep and virtually inaccessible slopes, and a summit 556 metres above sea level, the mountain was formerly a place of refuge for runaway slaves.

Out at sea, discover the rocky isles and shoals of multicolored fish swimming in the transparent waters of the lagoon. A life size aquarium! The lucky visitor will come across some of the many dolphins north of the island in the Tamarin bay.

Ile aux Bénitiers is a favorite snorkling and picnic destination. Along the coastline, discover charming Creole homes in the local villages near the Bel Ombre and the Baie du Cap, chickens pecking at the sands under banana trees and filaos, colourful fishing boats selling their day’s catch on the shore. Take one of the inland roads, towards the 18 hole Château Golf course and the Valriche Reserve to catch a glimpse of wild deer, a former sugar refinery, a majestic Banyan tree and, in season, a magnificent flowering Flamboyant tree.

Myriad walks, hikes and fascinating discoveries include the Mascareigne Reserve with Madagascan crocodiles and giant tortoises from the Seychelles. Or the Black River National Park, endemic forest of exotic woods (camphor, sandalwood and rosin), sheltering many different species of rare birds who they hope will not submit to the same fate as the dodo, who has been extinct since the 17th century.

An intriguing feature exists The Valley of Colours. In this 500 acre nature park of vibrant tropical vegetation, a great variety of different coloured earths are to be found: from blue to violet purple, and including every shade of ochre. A phenomenon caused by mineral oxides contained in the volcanic ash, that produces a fascinating fairytale effect. Other excursions include the Tamarin Salt Route, or the Tea Route via the inland plantations.


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Sofitel So Mauritius Signature

Sofitel So Mauritius: The Eco-Chic Luxury Resort in Mauritius © Sofitel So Mauritius Bel Ombre

Lush vegetation, a turquoise lagoon, a quietly flowing stream…Sofitel So Mauritius stands on the southern coast of the island in one of nature’s most glorious settings.

Architect Lek Bunnag has designed a radiant venue that celebrates the magnificence of nature and brilliantly blurs barriers between indoors and out.

Exclusive creations and collections by Kenzo TAKADA superbly highlight the purity of Lek Bunnag’s modern décor. Inspired textiles, decorative objects, tableware, and beach accessories contribute vibrant touches of color to this immaculate paradise.


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