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H2Hotel: The First LEED Gold Certified Hotel in Sonoma County

February 11, 2012, 1:14 amFiled under: Eco Travel > Eco Hotel & Resort > Eco Travel — Posted by Eco-Question Editor

Content by: H2Hotel – www.h2hotel.com
Posted by: Eco-Question Editor
Source: H2Hotel – www.h2hotel.com
Photo Credit: © H2Hotel – www.h2hotel.com
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H2Hotel, a progressively-designed hotel located just off the historic town plaza in Healdsburg, announced that it has been awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification and is the first LEED Gold certified hotel in Sonoma County. The design is both minimal and complex, with a light-hearted utilitarianism that makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a stylish and ecologically progressive wine country retreat with comfortable accommodations at accessible, moderate rates.

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The Alila Villas Uluwatu Eco-Resort

January 27, 2012, 9:44 pmFiled under: Eco Travel > Eco Hotel & Resort > Eco Travel — Posted by Eco-Question Editor

Content by: Alila Villas Uluwatu – www.alilahotels.com
Posted by: Eco-Question Editor
Source: Alila Villas Uluwatu – www.alilahotels.com
Photo Credit: © Alila Villas Uluwatu – www.alilahotels.com
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  • Esther Leogenda
    Head, Marketing Communications
    Alila Hotels & Resorts Corporate Office – www.alilahotels.com

Alila Villas Uluwatu is located on a clifftop plateau along the southern coastline on the island’s Bukit Peninsula, Alila Villas Uluwatu in Bali, Indonesia is just 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai International airport and 15 minutes from Jimbaran Bay near the renowned Uluwatu Temple. Surrounded by breathtaking coastal vistas, where the ocean stretches out as far as the eye can see, merging with the sky in a seemingly unending horizon, their luxury Uluwatu villas offer the perfect escape on this island paradise.

Alila Villas Uluwatu’s 84 pool villas are all about private space, incredible comfort and views. Gorgeous interiors blend contemporary style with accents of Bali. Merging in with the surrounding landscape, these distinctive villas by Alila incorporate an open-plan design, where unique flat lava rock roofs and bamboo ceiling allow the gentle sea breeze to flow in freely, while from the bed to the bathtub, every view is open to the outdoors.


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Organic Valley: Healthy Organic Foods with Healthy Farms

January 25, 2012, 3:10 amFiled under: Eco Health — Posted by Eco-Question Editor

Content by: © 2012 Organic Valley – www.organicvalley.coop
Posted by: Eco-Question Editor
Source: © 2012 Organic Valley – www.organicvalley.coop
Photo Credit: © 2012 Organic Valley – www.organicvalley.coop
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Locally produced organic foods offer numerous benefits for your health and for the health of the animals, the soil, and the planet.

At Organic Valley, they pride themselves in producing organic foods that satisfy the primary health concerns of consumers: good nutrition and protection from exposure to toxins and diseases. Their organically farmed foods are particularly well-suited to the unique nutritional needs and sensitivities of infants, children, and pregnant women.

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How eco-art be a part of protecting the wealth of marine biodiversity and ecosystem services? Part 6

December 8, 2011, 2:44 amFiled under: Eco Arts — Posted by Eco-Question Editor

Content by: Jason deCaires Taylor – www.jasondecairestaylor.com
Posted by: Eco-Question Editor
Source: Jason deCaires Taylor – www.jasondecairestaylor.com
Photo Credit: © Jason deCaires Taylor – www.jasondecairestaylor.com
CORAL Banner Credit: The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) – www.coral.org
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Three new sculptures by Jason deCaires Taylor were added to MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte) in Mexico.

Time Bomb depicts a collection of bombs and mines designed to support marine life whilst symbolizing the critical future of our reef systems and the countdown of time we have to reverse the increasing worldwide decline. The works also portray the irony of weapons of destruction being used to support and nurture life. The various strata and textures of the constructions are designed to provide habitat space and protected areas for crustaceans and marine species.

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iCare Thailand: Flood Relief

October 20, 2011, 12:14 amFiled under: Thailand Floods — Posted by Eco-Question Editor

Content by: iCare Thailand – www.icarethailand.com
Posted by:
Eco-question Editor
Source: iCare Thailand – www.icarethailand.com
Photo Credit: © iCare Thailand – www.icarethailand.com

iCare Thailand distributed aid packages to over 200 families affected by severe flooding at Uttaradit, Ayutthaya, Nakhon Sawan province. The aid packages included: rice, canned sardines, vegetable oil, fish sauce, instant noodles, soap, toothpaste, tissue, salted eggs, and bananas. The families with small children also received a package of diapers and toys.

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GlobalGiving: Support Flood Victims In Thailand

October 19, 2011, 9:12 pmFiled under: Thailand Floods — Posted by Eco-Question Editor

Content by: © GlobalGiving Foundation – www.globalgiving.org
Posted by: Eco-question Editor
Source: GlobalGiving Foundation – www.globalgiving.org
Logo Credit: © GlobalGiving Foundation – www.globalgiving.org
Special Thanks:

  • Kevin Conroy
    Director of User Experience and Product Development
    GlobalGiving Foundation – www.globalgiving.org

GlobalGiving Logo © GlobalGiving Foundation / www.globalgiving.org

Two months of heavy rains have caused the worst flooding in Thailand for 50 years, affecting 30 of the 77 provinces and threatening many more. Downpours are expected to continue with further flooding anticipated and many areas are on alert, including parts of Bangkok. Thousands of people have been forced from their homes and many more are expected to be evacuated.

In Pathum Thani province, north of Bangkok, Thammasat University is being used as a temporary shelter. It is currently housing 1600 evacuees but is expected to reach maximum capacity, 2000 people, as evacuations continue. Many of those arriving at the university have lost, or been forced to abandon, all their belongings and are in urgent need of basic essential items.


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